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“If you want a fight—let's fight!”

—Wylie, in Flashback

Wylie is the son of Prentice and Cyrah Endal. He was orphaned after Prentice's mind was broken and Cyrah's death by fading from a light leap. Tiergan took him in and raised him as his son. Wylie now lives at Foxfire because he is studying in the elite levels. Wylie is a Flasher like his mother, Cyrah. For a while, he dislikes Sophie, blaming her for his father's broken mind, but he eventually realizes that it was not her fault for what happened to Prentice.

Appearance Edit

Wylie is described as looking very much like his father. His skin is chocolate brown, and his face looked pinched when Sophie first met him. He is tall and muscular. The rare times Sophie has seen his smile, she has said it came from his mother. He has piercing blue eyes—"100 percent Prentice's"—that sometimes look sad and lost.

In Lodestar, his appearance changed drastically due to the Neverseen's attack on him, perhaps scarring him forever, maybe not on the outside, but inside from the sadness they brought back.

Books Edit

During Lodestar, Wylie was attacked by the Neverseen for information about his mother. It is unknown why the Neverseen wanted to know about Cyrah's death. Wylie escaped from the Neverseen with many burns and injuries from his torture. He physically recovered from the attack but is psychologically hurt with injuries only time can heal. He was being kept sedated at the end of the book until he could wake up safely. Wylie is on the cover of Flashback although we do not know what role he plays yet.