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Vertina is a spectral mirror. Spectral mirrors are technology created in a mirror to assist elves as they get dressed and ready, but many dislike their criticism. Although Vertina is technology, she is very lifelike and formed a friendship with Jolie before she died. She is loyal to Jolie even after she died and holds many of her secrets. Vertina was trusted by her more then any of Jolie’s other friends, who abandoned Jolie after her and Brant were considered a bad match. Her mirror used to be in Jolie’s room but was moved to Sophie's. She makes her first appearance in Exile.

Appearance Edit

Vertina has straight black hair, pale skin, sapphire blue eyes, emerald green gown, and looks about 15. Vertina acts a bit snobby when Sophie first meets her but ends up being kind to Sophie (in her own way that is). Vertina is extremely loyal.

Trivia Edit

In Everblaze, after she is moved to Sophie's room, Vertina lets Sophie know that she has a secret of Jolie's that she can only tell in Sophie guesses the password. Once Sophie learns the password, Swan Song, Vertina gives Sophie a clue written by Jolie that leads Sophie to find Jolie's journal.