I'm a little new around here but if you want to see my other goings on gon on over to Quotev and look up VicqBlakemore and you'll get some prototype books and book reveiws. As you already know, I'm an Empath, but i write too. I'm not big into fanfiction but i will write one if you request. 

GASP i do requests?!?!?!?! 

Yes, in fact i do do requests. It keeps my mind turning. If you ask for one it won't be long though.

I also like anime *arg! don't attack this weeb!*. Pls don't make fun of me for it. i get enough of that for being an English nerd and having the ability to read a book in about a night. Oh yeah, i stay up pretty late so don't expect me to post every day, although i might after i get my new laptop *evil laugher ensues*

By the way I'm also a christian, but don't be put off by that. I won't throw my beliefs into your face. I'm not homophobic either. So talk to me, i don't bite. i won't say things about my religion if i don't ask you first. Got it? Good!

so yeah, l practically inhale each book of the KOTLC series. i read Nightfall in about a day and a half. I need to reread it before Flashback comes out though. have you seen that cover? 

Pls read this, i know i sound desparate, but still. I have no online friends except one in london.