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  • I live in a small world of my own where I can cross into the stories of my favourite books at will.
  • My occupation is reading. What did you expect? Also fangirling. And being generally weird.
  • I am a girl who hates human beings in general. Why can't I live in Pyrrhia? Or the Lost Cities? Or in the fairy-tale world? Or at Camp Half-Blood?
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    February 20, 2017 by Raincatcher the NightWing

    Okay, I cannot decide about ships! Sophitz, Team Foster-Keefe, Diana, Sophex - It's too hard! My friend is a Team Foster-Keefe shipper, and they haven't even read the books! 

    I want to know if anyone else is on the fence, or if I'm just crazy. I'm probably crazy, aren't I? Yeah. I'm crazy. Now I'm talking to myself. Okay leave a comment if you feel the same way. I'm going now.


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