Malice the NightWing

aka Doctor Malice of the Lime Lords

  • I live in Planet Vulcan (because I am a Vulcan, duh)
  • My occupation is being annoyingly logical and geeky and rambling about Led Zeppelin and other old bands
  • I am THAT ONE TREKKIE GEEK. (oh right, and female))
  • Malice the NightWing

    1903, New York

    Abigail was weeding the garden that day. It was early summer, and the day of her 23rd birthday. She definitely wasn't expecting Anton to come.

    Just as she was tugging at a particularly firm dandelion, she saw a flash of light out of the corner of her eye and looked up. Standing in the middle of the tomato patch was a tall young man with a deep tan, short black hair, and startling electric blue eyes. Like always, he had out-of-place clothes: a long brown cloak, a tunic and vest, black pants, and tall leather boots.

    "Anton!" Abigail exclaimed, standing up. Anton gave her a wry grin.

    "Didn't expect to see me, did you?"

    "I most certainly did not!"

    Anton stepped carefully over the tomato plants and towards her. "Did you forget that we …

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  • Malice the NightWing

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  • Malice the NightWing

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