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  • Chandrelle

    Hi guys. I've recently discovered MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), a type of personality test that places people between four catagories - introverted/extraverted, sensing/intuition, feeling/thinking, and judging/percieving.

    I thought it was really interesting so I tried to classify all of the KOTLC characters. If you know what this is, tell me your opinions. Do you agree? Disagree? If you haven't heard of this before, you should totally check it out!

    Sophie - INFP

    Keefe - ESFP but sometimes acts like an ESTP

    Fitz - ESTJ

    Dex - ISTP

    Biana - ESFJ

    Tam - ISTJ

    Linh - ISFP/ ISFJ*

    Grady - ISFJ

    Edaline - ISFP

    Alden - ENFJ

    Oralie - INFP

    Kenric - ENFP

    Bronte - ISTJ

    Mr. Forkle - ENTJ/INTJ*

    Calla - INFJ

    Elwin - ESFJ

    Marella - ESFJ

    Sir Tiergan - INTP

    Fintan - ENTP


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