I am a new fandom user and have a lot to say about the series The Keeper of the Lost Cites, so I'll continue and try to make this not too long.

A couple of months ago I started reading this series and have already finished the latest book (Nightfall).For some reason it feels like all of the characters relate to me and my life, as well as all of my friends and our personalities. This got me thinking about what the book would look like in movie form. Well I continued thinking more and more about it everyday and now I am 255% sure it would make a fantastic movie. Hopefully people agree with me. I had a great idea about how it would all work out as a movie. In the book, everyone knows Sophie thinks a lot in her head and it explains most things that happen in the book. I was wondering how that would work in movie form? I suggest that the person who plays Sophie's character could narrate some of it as if she were thinking like in the book. The directors could have a black or white room that might represent her mind and Sophie's character would sit in the room and talk as if she were thinking. When she and Fitz have a conversation in their heads they could have them in the same room symbolizing they were communicating telepathically. I believe it would be a great movie! Sophie is a strong girl and she would be an excellent role model for young girls. The movie would appeal to a large age span including kids, teens and adults interested in adventure, fantasy, and important personal and life themes such as self-confidence, priorities and the importance of family and friends.

These are some of my thoughts about KOTLC and why it should become a movie. What are your thoughts? If enough people are interested in this it might get passed on to Shannon Messenger or even draw the attention of an interested director.

P.s. I can't wait for Flashback to come out!!!!!!! <3