Little is known about the Great Gulon Incident. It was a disrupting, mischievous event that took place at Foxfire three years before Book 1. It most likely has to do with a gulon, which is a smelly magical creature. Keefe often claims he had nothing to do with it, in a way that suggests he was the mastermind behind the whole plot. It's heard that it might be some website content told from Keefe's POV in the future. Sophie continuosly complains about the fact that no-one ever tells her about it. Shannon has said that if she doesn't add it into the books, she will either post it on her website or make it a short story.

Fan Theories: Edit

  • Maybe Keefe hid a lot of gulons all around the school, and when everyone came in to Foxfire, he released them. They then proceeded to pass the smelly gas, distrupting the mentoring sessions.