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The Black Swan's Collective consists of it's five leaders, Mr. Forkle , Blur, Granite , Wraith, and Squall. The Collective makes the big decisions for the Black Swan. Sophie thinks that since there are 5 of her friends, and 5 of the collective, that she and her friends will eventually be the new collective. This has been confirmed as likely, because of a comment from Mr. Forkle.

It is unknown as to what will happen with only four Collective members, whether or not they choose to recruit someone else or recruit Physic back into the Collective. This is due to the fact that Mr. Forkle is killed at the end of Lodestar. Most likely, However, they will elect someone else back into the collective. When Physic stepped down, someone had to replace her, so it is highly likely that forkle will be replaced by someone. It could possibly be the mysterious Proxies or Sophie.

Identities Edit

Mr. Forkle (Deceased) Edit

Granite Edit

Blur Edit

no other known identities (TBA)

Wraith Edit

no other known identities (TBA)

Squall Edit

  • Juline (Dex's mom)

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