Swan song Edit

"Swan song" is the phrase the Black Swan use before an important situation makes them unable to carry on their usual work as a Black Swan member. In human terms, the swan song is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. When one calls their swan song, it means that they are warning other Black Swan members of impending danger.

Only two known members have ever called their swan song: Prentice Endal, right before he was apprehended by the Council, and Mr. Forkle, right before he passed on in the remnants of Lumeneria.

The phrase "swan song" can also be called when Black Swan members are stranded on a mission, and they can call for help by calling their swan song. An example is in Neverseen, which when Sophie Foster, Keefe Sencen, and Mr. Forkle went on a mission to interrogate Gethen, Mr. Forkle tells them to say "swan song" should they meet with any difficulties. This alternative usage is different from the main usage, and will tend to be used more often by Black Swan members.

It can also be used as a code or a password, as seen when in Everblaze, Jolie Ruewen gives the phrase "swan song" to her spectral mirror, Vertina, and tells her that only those who speaks these two words to her can be trusted with her secret which she took to the grave (for information on the secret, see Jolie Ruewen).

Jolie has also called her swan song before she died in the fire that killed her.

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