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"I mean, look at you guys. You used to be so cool. And now you're just . . . Eh. Well, Edit

I'll be off then. " Edit

-Stina, to Fitz and Biana in Everblaze, explaining how hanging out with Sophie "dragged them down.", page 125 )

Stina is an elf who is known as the school bully at Foxfire. In Lodestar, it is revealed she is an empath, like her mother. She and Sophie have a strong rivalry and Stina constantly tries to taunt and bully her. She is the daughter of Vika and Timkin Heks.

Appearance Edit

She is described as being extremely tall with a beanpole body and frizzy, brown curls. Stina has a high pitched, wheezy laugh.

Relationships Edit

He had been in Exillium, but has earned his way back. He works with unicorns, trying to earn a way into the Nobility.

She works with unicorns, and might have cared for Greyfell.

Stina isn't very kind to Sophie, believing Sophie is of lower social status. She tells Biana that by her and Fitz being friends with Sophie is ruining the Vacker name. In book 1, Stina is the first to tell Sophie that Biana first befriended her because Alden forced her to. In book four, Stina becomes somewhat less hostile, and tells Sophie that if anyone could fix things, it would be her.

Dex and Stina have a long-running battle of mean pranks on each other. Dex made Stina bald and in return Stina put a muskog in Dex's locker. Stina constantly holds the fact that Dex's parents are a bad match over his head.

Marella used to hate Stina in the first and second books of the Keeper series but eventually became friends with her during Everblaze when Sophie did not really pay attention to her.

  • MARUCA (friend)

Maruca and Stina became friends after Biana started hanging around with Sophie because Maruca felt abandoned by Biana.