For Universe prodigies have to collect stars and find the seventh one while following the pattern

Stars Edit

  • AMARANTHIS purple light
  • RUBINI scarlet light
  • ORRORO yellow light
  • AZULEJO pale blue light
  • COBRETOLA deep orange light
  • INDIGEEN dark blue light
  • ZELENIE deep green light
  • ARGENTO silver light
  • AURIFERRIA gold light
  • PENNISI black light
  • MERKARIRON white light
  • STYGGIS copper light
  • ACHROMIAN green light
  • No name bronze light
  • No name brass light

Unmapped Stars Edit

  • ELEMENTINE white light
  • LUCILLIANT blue light
  • PHOSFORIEN opalescent light
  • MARQUISEIRE sparkly-pink light
  • CANDESIA pale, smoky light

Projects Edit

Dex had Amaranthis, Rubini, Orroro, Azulejo, Cobretola, Indigeen, and Zelenie, which was from the color spectrum.

Sophie had Argento, Auriferria, Pennisi, Merkariron, Styggis, Achromian and she chose Elementine as the seventh. Her pattern was metals. Sir Astin said she should have bottled something bronze or brass instead of Elementine.

Human Constellations Edit

Cygnus (the swan) is created by: Aquello, Fushaire, Rosine, Grisenna, Sapphilene, Scarletina, Nievello, Gildere, and Peacerre.

Light Leaping Edit

In Everblaze Sandor, Keefe, and Sophie jump around on the uncharted stars' light until they reach their destination to meet with the Black Swan. One can leap through solid objects and one can leap underwater.

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