Splotching is a sport practiced by the Elves. The goal of Splotching is to use Telekinesis to throw a colored ball, known as the Splotcher, at your opponent. The player who gets hit loses, and covered in a colourful slime. Everybody playing pairs up with another Elf and they mentally throw the Splotcher back and forth until one player cannot catch the Splotcher, getting slimed. The person who gets eliminated (slimed) has to sit on the benches while the victor moves onto the next opponent, and so on until there is only one player not slimed and is declared the victor. The Ultimate Splotching Championship is held at Foxfire, and the winner receives a Pardon for detention.

Known WinnersEdit

Fitz Vacker

Sophie Foster


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details from the latest books.

In the first book of the series, a splotching match is held. Sophie ends up battling Fitz as they are the last two players. Sophie uses a brain push, and her mental energy collides with Fitz's core energy causing both her and Fitz to fly backwards and slam into opposing walls. They were both knocked unconscious, and while Elwin declared that no one was badly hurt, it made Sophie start to question if her abilites will become too much for her to handle. Sophie was declared the winner by teachers and students alike because, as Dex put it, Fitz hit the wall much harder.

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