Sophie and Tam, or Tophie, is the romantic/friendship pairing of Sophie Foster and Tam Song. They are friends, but neither show much romantic interest in the other. Sophie is usually feeling that way toward Fitz or Keefe Sencen (or occasionally Dex Dizznee). Tam also hints that he does not like Sophie in this way, and that he likes Biana.

There are, however, several instances that suggest that Tam was interested in Sophie or her personality and other moments after that, particularly in Lodestar. However, Linh has said he "likes brunettes", possibly as a hint that he likes Biana.

Other Names Edit

  • Tophie (T/am and S/ophie)
  • Taphie (Ta/m and So/phie)
  • Sam (S/ophie and T/am)
  • Sotam (So/phie and Tam)

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 4 Edit

  1. Sophie and Tam watch each other throughout Sophie's first day at Exillium.
  2. Tam and Sophie constantly talk while they are at Exillium using his shadow and/or her telepathy.
  3. Sophie wonders if the tilt of his head means he's smiling at her.
  4. Sophie watches how close Tam and Linh are and wonders if they are boyfriend and girlfriend.
  5. Sophie says that "she could see why Fitz would find Shades creepy" but '''had a feeling this one was worth knowing".
  6. Biana mentions that Tam wants Sophie to return to Exillium after she left.
  7. Sophie defends Tam to her friends when they go on about how creepy Shades are.
  8. Tam teases Sophie about being afraid of the dark.
  9. Tam trusts Sophie enough to show her where he and Linh live.
  10. Sophie implies that Tam is handsome.
  11. Sophie defends Tam to her friends when she returns from Wildwood.
  12. Keefe is annoyed that Tam and Sophie are having silent conversations.
  13. Tam blushes when Keefe talks about the 'Foster Fan Club".
  14. Sophie is annoyed when Keefe makes fun of Tam.
  15. Sophie tells Tam and Linh her new plan for what they'll do in Ravagog first
  16. Tam tells her that he thinks she's lost her mind.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 5 Edit

  1. Sophie describes Tam as handsome.
  2. Sophie is apprehensive while waiting for Tam to say 'I told you so' about Alvar and Keefe.
  3. Tam is annoyed when Sophie mentions that she saw Keefe.
  4. Tam gets mad when Sophie says that she and Keefe are going to check in every night.
  5. Tam glances at Sophie when they are told Lord Cassius and Quan Song are still friends.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 6 Edit

  1. Tam glances at Sophie to see if she's alright after they discover Mr. Forkle is still alive.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 7 Edit

  1. Tam is looking at Sophie on the cover.