The Songs are a distinguished elvin family, but they are scorned because of the pair of twins
Song crest

The Song family crest.

in their bloodline, Tam Song and Linh Song. They live in Choralmere, a residence overlooking the ocean, described as being a "glittering prison" by Tam. They take public images very seriously, as shown when they chose to banish Linh Song from the Lost Cities because she had ruined the family name by nearly flooding Atlantis, and also because they wanted to be free of the shame of twins so that their family name would not suffer anymore.

The surname "Song" (originally "Tong") comes from many different human Asian cultures-- it can be a Chinese, a Vietnamese, or a Korean surname. The first names of the family members are of Vietnamese origin, but on the other hand, they have been described as looking like "K-pop idols" or "like they'd stepped straight out of anime", so the lines between the different cultures have been blurred, when it comes to the elvin Song family. 

Members Edit

Quan Song- FatherEdit

Mai Song- MotherEdit

Tam Song Edit

Linh Song Edit

(Tam Song and Linh Song made it clear that they are twins)