Slurps and Burps is a store in Mysterium, owned by the Dizznee family. Kesler works here, alongside his son, Dexter Dizznee. The front door belches when it opens, and the outside of the store was described to be painted twenty different colors with curved walls and a crooked roof. The writing on the sign outside says: Slurps and Burps: Your Merry Apothecary. Kesler purposefully made the store unusual to see 'stuffy nobles squirm' feeling awkward in a place that may be seen as below their standards. He boobytraps it when emissaries come to spy.

Use in Scenes Edit

Sophie Foster was taken there with Edaline Ruewen to pick up some elixirs that Elwin prescribed Sophie with in Keeper of the Lost Cities.That is where she meets Dex. In Exile, Sophie visited Slurps and Burps to see Dex and gets to see his workshop that's in a backroom.

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