Silveny: A very skittish, and over-excited alicorn.

Greyfell: A serious alicorn.

Greyfell and Silveny met when Silveny was moved to the official sanctuary. At first they avoided each other, but that was only temporary. Soon after they befriended each other and were set free together. Later in the books, Silveny shows Sophie about her having a baby alicorn.
Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Silveny and Greyfell Married by Alicorn standards? N/A

(Other) Names Edit

  • Greyveny (Grey/fell and Sil/veny)
  • Silvefell (Silve/ny and Grey/fell)

Moments Edit

  • Silveny and Greyfell meet; they don't like each other very much at first
  • Silveny shows Sophie she is pregnant now that Silveny and Greyfell are together

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  1. They are both alicorns
  2. They are both the only known Alicorns left of their species

Differences Edit

  1. Silveny is "skittish, and over-excited" while Greyfell is "very serious"
  2. Silveny is best friends with Sophie while Greyfell met Sophie recently

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