Shades have the special ability to control darkness with a substance called Shadowvapor. This allows them to talk secretly, somewhat like transmitting to another person when their shadows cross, the shadow-whispering. A shadow-whisper is when a Shade's shadow carries their consciousness so only the receiver can hear the message. Shades can take a reading of a person's potential for darkness.The opposite substance to darkness is Illumination. A balance of both is good. They can also disguise people so that they are hard (but not impossible) to see, but this trick does not work close up.

*SWM has confirmed that this alternate spelling was a typo in the first printing of Neverseen

Known Shades Edit

Tam Song - One of Sophie's friends. A new character in the book Neverseen, he joined the Black Swan along with his twin sister Linh Song.

Umber - The Neverseen's Shade. Keefe described her as "freakishly powerful". She has "good hair." We don't actually know what she looks like, Keefe says that he can tell when someone has good hair.