"It's nice to know my charge can defend herself if I ever fail to protect her." Edit

-Sandor, to Sophie and Alden in Book 1.

Sandor (or 'Gigantor' as called by Keefe), a giant gray goblin, is assigned by the council to be Sophie Foster's bodyguard after she is kidnapped by the Neverseen, and is assigned to her at the end of the first book. During Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile, he assists Sophie in discovering more about the kidnappers and the rebels. Throughout Everblaze, Sandor continues to protect his charge and actually wrestles an ogre and falls off a cliff trying to shield Sophie while the Neverseen attack Mr. Forkle, Fitz, Biana, and Keefe. In the end of book four, Sandor is reassigned to protect Sophie due to all the happenings with Keefe's decision to join the Neverseen.

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