The Sanctuary is an animal reserve where animals, especially species thought magical or extinct, are kept. It is located in the Himalayas, and is guarded by a force field to stop the Alicorns from Teleporting out.

Appearance Edit

The Sanctuary is described as a beautiful place with lush meadows and green forests that seem to stretch out forever. It is also described that the sky is a cerulean blue that sometimes seems to flash every color of the spectrum, as if walking inside a rainbow. The air is fresh and has a crisp sweetness to it.

Requirements Edit

To have an animal enter the sanctuary, there are a few requirements needed.

  • Illness free - an animal needs to be checked to be illness free to prevent large scale infections.
  • Vegetarianized - an animal has to learn to eat only plants to prevent predators from hunting other animals.

Role in the Story Edit

In Everblaze, Keefe Sencen and Sophie Foster go there because Silveny the Alicorn needs help. It is hidden inside the mountain range of the Himalayas which the elves use as a sort of shield from humans accidentally finding the Sanctuary, to stop elves (or any other species with light leaping crystals) from light leaping directly into the Sanctuary, and so alicorns can't use their teleportation ability to get in or out. The animals that live in the Sanctuary must first be trained to get along with other animals and to be vegetarians; a task that is taken care of by the Ruewens at Havenfield, and the Hekses.

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