Rimeshire is where the Dizznee family resides. Sophie says it is one of the coldest places she has ever visited in the Lost Cities. It is described as looking like an ice castle, with "walls built from blue glass and fitted together at sharp, dramatic angles. And the five swirling towers looked like upside-down icicles" (Lodestar, page 213). Inside, Rimeshire is blue and gray, with a large crystal yeti in the entrance that Kesler is not fond of. There is a main room with five staircases that go up to the towers and a large room in the back that Sophie says reminds her of a life-sized fishbowl. (The back room is where Sophie,Biana, and Fitz stay when they have a sleepover at Rimeshire with Dex

Family/ Residents Edit

Kesler Dizznee

Juline Dizznee, aka Squall

Dex Dizznee

Rex, Bex, and Lex Dizznee

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