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Pyrokinesis is the ability to control fire, which is quite rare. It became the only forbidden talent after several pyrokinetics died in an incident involving Everblaze.

Known Pyrokinetics Edit

Fintan - Fintan is known for Balefire. He was a Councillor until Pyrokinetics became forbidden. His mind was broken by Sophie and Alden in an attempt to retrieve information about the fires in the Forbidden Cities. He is also the Pyrokinetic who discovered Everblaze However, they were able find out that Fintan illegally trained another Pyrokinetic (Brant). In Everblaze, Sophie heals his shattered mind but he kills Kenric with Everblaze, captured in Nightfall.

Brant (Deceased) - Brant (formally Jolie's fiance) is the unregistered Pyrokinetic trained by Fintan. He is part of the Neverseen (rebels) and was responsible for setting fires in the Forbidden Cities (human world). He is also responsible for Jolie's death. He is capable of igniting Everblaze. Brant was killed by Mr. Forkle in the end of Lodestar when the castle was falling down.

Marella- After Mr.Forkle uses mental energy to trigger her ability, it is revealed that she is a Pyrokinetic. This is revealed in Book 6, Nightfall. It is revealed that her pyrokenisis seems to be particularly strong, based on mental energy. She keeps this a secret, as Pyrokinetics are not exactly being regarded nicely after Fintan and Brant. Edaline Ruewen seems to like the idea of her learning to use the ability, saying that she should learn control, because Brant did not and he got messed up in her view.

Types Of FireEdit

Everblaze - The hardest fire for a Pyrokinetic to make and it can even burn pyrokinetics. It is a yellow flame that uses both lumenite and gold to catch it. Fintan describes Everblaze as 'fire of the sun on earth'.

Balefire - Balefire is a blue flame that can be lit with any kind of heat. It is used to light Atlantis and Balefire pendants, which are like flashlight necklaces. It used to be Fintan's trademark flame, before he discovered how to create Everblaze.

Aurenflare - A type of colorful bonfire that is used to commemorate a special event.

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