Prattles are an Elvin candy, a sweet, caramel chew that comes with a collectible pin. Sophie Foster was introduced to these candies by Dex Dizznee, which he gave her one after they licked their DNA locker slips at Foxfire. Many elves are obsessed with trying to collect all the pins, which they can also trade with others. Prodigies at Foxfire popped bubbles containing prizes during midterms in the 1st book and Sophie caught a box of Prattles. The number on a pin changes as the population of that species decreases or increases, there is one pin for every animal which makes some more rare than others.

Pins  Edit

Prattles pins are collectible, one made for every known animal alive. For example, by the time of Exile, there were only two Alicorn pins, making them the rarest pins ever. The Black Swan frequently uses them as clues for what Sophie should do next, one time giving her a pin made from a certain metal that she could use to bottle Everblaze. Sophie is known to posses the first of two Alicorn pins, given to her as a clue from the Black Swan.

Pins Sophie Has Edit

  • A unicorn pin (given to her by Dex in Book 1)
  • A Flareadon pin (from the Black Swan, used to bottle Everblaze in Book 1)
  • A Moonlark pin (given by the Black Swan, used to bottle Everblaze in Book 1 and she found one in her Prattles candy in Book 4: Neverseen)
  • An Alicorn pin (given by the Black Swan in Book 2: Exile).
  • A Baby Moonlark pin (given to her by Calla in Book 4: Neverseen).
  • A Gorgonops pin (given by Amy in Book 6: Nightfall)
  • A Boobrie pin (caught from a bubble after midterms in Book 5: Lodestar).

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