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The planting of the Wanderlings is when elves plant a seed to symbolize a deceased elf. They wrap a strand of the deceased elf's hair around the seed and plant it. The hair then grows with the seedling, and becomes a tree with some of the deceased elf's traits. Elves prefer to wear the color green (the color of life) instead of black when going to a seed planting. It is the equivalent of an Elvin funeral.

Mentioned Plantings Edit

Cyrah Endal (Pre-Keeper)

Jolie Ruewen (Pre-Keeper)

Sophie Elizabeth Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities/Was kidnapped, not dead, not described)

Dexter Alvin Dizznee (Keeper of the Lost Cities/Was kidnapped, not dead, not described)

Alden Vacker (Exile/Mind broken from the guilt of Prentice, healed by Sophie, not dead)

Kenric Elgar Fathdon (Everblaze)

Mr. Forkle/Magnate Leto/Sir Astin (Nightfall/Not planted in the Woods, one of the two Mr. Forkles)

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