A pathfinder is a long wand-like device that is the main mode of transportation for the Elves. Pathfinders usually have a clear crystal atop a long, thin stick, allowing light to pass through the facets and create a beam on the ground. Simply stepping into the beam will whisk one away to their chosen location. Depending on the light source, and color and facets of the crystal, a Pathfinder can be made to reach a variety of places. Using a pathfinder is called light leaping. In book 1, Fitz explained it to Sophie as "We hitched a ride on a beam of light heading straight here." In Nightfall, we learn that light leaping with a human is very dangerous, especially if they are not calm.

Where the Crystals Lead Edit

As previously mentioned, different colors of crystals can lead to different places. The different colored crystals will lead:

  • Clear - Elvin Cities
  • Blue - Forbidden City
  • Yellow - Neutral Territories
  • Green - Ogre Cities
  • Pale Pinkish purple-Black Swans Hideouts
  • Magsidian- underground