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Koralie is the friendship/romantic pairing of Councillor Kenric Elgar Fathdon and Councillor Oralie. They are two of the twelve Councillors, although Kenric is no longer part of it as he had died in the third book due to Everblaze, a powerful and deadly flame. After his death, he was replaced by Councillor Alina.

They had shown obvious feelings towards each other, although they could not be together. Due to the fact that they were both Councillors, they could not have any romantic relationship with anyone (including getting married and having children, of course).

These two cared about each other a lot.

Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Councillor Kenric and Councillor Oralie Being councillors, they could not be together unless they resigned. One is dead. None

Other Names Edit

  • Koralie (K/enric and Oralie)
  • Ornric (Or/alie and Ke/nric)
  • Kenalie (Ken/ric and Or/alie)
  • Kenralie (Ken[r]/ic and O/[r]alie)
  • Oralic (Oral[i]/e and Kenr/[i]c)

Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

  • In Everglen, Kenric scoots his chair "closer to Oralie's than he really needed to." ( Page 58 paperback ).
  • Bronte is annoyed with "watching Kenric stare at Oralie." Sophie figures this out when she was reading his mind. ( Page 61 paperback ).
  • Kenric and Oralie blush when Sophie announces what she hears. (see previous moment)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: ExileEdit

  • When Kenric agrees with Oralie on a council decision, Bronte responds sarcastically with, "Of course you do," and Sophie notes that Kenric did seem to favor Oralie over all the other councillors. ( Page 118 hardcover ).

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze  Edit

  • Edaline mentions Councillor Kenric asking Councillor Oralie to dance, multiple times, during a party that Jolie Ruewen attended. Page 163 ( hardcover ).
  • Kenric states that he was the elves favorite Councillor and changes that to second favorite and says "everybody loves empaths" implying Oralie
  • After Kenric tries to see in Fintan's mind, Oralie soothes his headache and he tells her that she "always makes everything better." They smile at each other, her hand touching his head, in full view of Alden, Tiergan, Sophie, Fitz, and Councillor Terik Page 291 ( hardcover )
  • Oralie is the only councillor sobbing when Kenric dies. All the others try to comfort her.
    Oralie and kenric

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

Differences: Edit

  • Oralie is an Empath, while Kenric is a Telepath.
  • Kenric has red hair, while Oralie has blond hair.
  • Kenric has a Wanderling while Oralie does not.
  • Oralie is alive, while Kenric is dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Oralie and Kenric were there to judge if Sophie should be admitted into Foxfire.
  • At one point in Neverseen, Sophie suspected Kenric was one of her biological parents, though Mr. Forkle denied it partially. Oralie could not be suspected then as she and Kenric know each other.