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Ogres Edit

Ogres are the traditional enemies of the Goblins. Their king is King Dimitar, who signed a treaty at the Peace Summit. Their capital is Ravagog, which was stolen from the elves and originally named Serenvale. Lady Cadence has studied them extensively. As did Alvar

Appearance Edit

If King Dimitar's appearance is anything to go by, ogres stand at about six feet tall. The ogre king looks a hairless gorilla (in Sophie's opinion) and has pointed teeth.

Alliance Edit

While not necessarily friendly with the Council, especially after Sophie attempted to breach his mind, the ogres are not officially aligned against the elves. King Dimitar states that the only ogres allied with the Neverseen are rebels. As stated above, the species hates goblins. During the Battle at Mount Everest, Sandor wrestled with one and the pair fell off a cliff. In Lodestar, King Dimitar signed a treaty agreeing that he would leave the elves alone, as long as they left him alone as well. This is broken when Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen enter Ravagog to deliver him a note in Nightfall.

Powers Edit

Ogres have an enzyme called aromark, a tracking system, which can be revealed using Reveldust. They also engineered the plague on the gnomes, which could only be cured with Panake blossoms. Apart from that, ogres also have prodigious strength, as one of them was able to hold off Sandor. All ogres can force-shift, a method that after falling, can be used to launch themselves to safety using a special device.

Known members of the speciesEdit