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Nexuses are bracelets that all elven children have to wear until their concentration is perfected and they can safely Light Leap (Usually around 14 or 15 years of age). Light Leaping is a method of transportation the elves use where they travel on a beam of light created by Crystals held up to the sun; like when you put light through a prism and it creates a rainbow. If an elf is not wearing a nexus and their concentration breaks while light leaping, they may fade away. Fading happens when an Elf loses too much of themselves in a leap, and they quite literally fade away into the light. There is a meter on the back of the nexus that measures how much concentration an elf has; when the meter is full the cuff can be unlocked. Biana Vacker is the youngest elf to get her nexus unlocked, younger than the previous elf, Fitz Vacker. Sophie used to wear two nexuses because Elwin was afraid of her fading away after when she almost faded one time.

Nexuses are described as a cuff with a crystal set in the center. Like many Elvin things, they are typically decorated and intricate. Nexuses usually contain jewels and crystals.

The force field a Nexus creates when an elf leaps can be tracked.

Elves Who Have/Had Nexuses Edit

  • Fitz (previously)
  • Sophie (previously)
  • Biana (previously)
  • Dex (previously)
  • Keefe  (previously)
  • Many other students at Foxfire currently have nexuses or have had them in the past.

Elves Who Have Faded AwayEdit