Nexuses are bracelets that all elven children have to wear until their concentration is perfected. If an elf is not wearing a nexus and their concentration breaks while light leaping they may fade away. There is a meter on the back of the nexus that measures how much concentration an elf has; when the meter is full the cuff can be unlocked. Biana is the youngest elf to get her nexus unlocked, younger than the previous elf, Fitz . Sophie used to wear two nexuses because Elwin was afraid of her fading away after she did fade away one time previously.

Elves Who Have/Had Nexuses Edit

  • Fitz (previously)
  • Sophie (previously)
  • Biana (previously)
  • Dex (previously)
  • Keefe  (previously)
  • Many other students at Foxfire currently have nexuses, or have had them in the past.

Elves Who Have Faded AwayEdit

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