Stink bottom by Morpho

Mrs. Stinkbottom by MorphoTheRainWing

Mrs. Stinkbottom is Keefe's bright green, gulon stuffed animal, given to him by Elwin, under Sophie's suggestion, after some of his washed memories about his mother resurfaces, and he goes practically catatonic. Keefe tried to bring Mrs. Stinkbottom with him in Neverseen, when he was going to try barging into Ravagog. Mrs. Stinkbottom was not found in Keefe's room when Sophie and the others were searching for clues about Keefe's mother, Lady Gisela, but instead she was found in Lord Cassius's room after leaping there with the starstone Caprise Redek had had, and it was presumed that Lord Cassius had been sleeping with it as a way of coping.