Prodigies at Foxfire take Midterms in the middle of the year, similar to semester exams. For the whole day of testing, every student has to wear a thinking cap, a white cap that reminded Sophie Foster of a Smurf. The cap is built with heavy material and metals, deigned to dull Telepathic abilities and preserve the integrity of the exams. Anyone found without the cap on is disqualified from the exams. Due to her strong abilities, the cap is ineffective on Sophie. If prodigies get below the seventy-five percent needed to pass in any of their subjects, they can no longer continue education at Foxfire.

End of Midterm Celebrations Edit

At the end of Midterms, prodigies hang their thinking caps upside-down on their lockers, for them to be filled the next day with gifts and candies from their friends. Many bubbles float along the halls, containing prizes such as Prattles and lushberry juice. Foxfire is extravagantly decorated for the occasion, and parents learn the grades of their children from Mentors (also known as teachers).

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