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Mesmers are a type of Talented elf. They are able to put people in trances. They are very rare, and monitored by the Council because they can be dangerous.


Mesmers are able to mesmerize people to do things that the Mesmer wishes them to do. Their victims do not know about anything that happened during the period of mesmerization.

Known MesmersEdit

Grady Ruewen Edit

  • Grady is the only known Mesmer. He doesn't like to talk about his abilities because his friends stopped trusting him in his school years. He was even teased by Edaline's parents about mesmerizing their daughter into marriage. His limit of amount of people he can mesmerize is said to be around 24.

Examples of Mesmerizing Edit

Grady mesmerized the Councillors into slapping themselves in the face, and forced Brant to hold his hand in a ball of Everblaze, burning his hand. He also made Edaline wave her hands around. Also in Everblaze, Grady made King Dimitar punch himself in the nose when he was threatening to take Sophie to Ravagog.

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