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Marella Redek is an elf attending Foxfire. She is a Level Three, like Sophie, and was one of Sophie's first friends. Sophie and Marella become friends because of their mutual hatred for Stina. Like many other girls, she has a crush on Fitz Vacker. She loves collecting Prattles Pins and is always on top of the latest gossip. She hates Stina until Book 3, when Sophie starts neglecting her. She becomes friends with Stina and shows that she dislikes Sophie, but in Lodestar, their friendship begins to heal, as she realizes how crazy absurd Sophie's life is. Her special ability was also triggered by Mr.Forkle in Lodestar, but it remains unknown by the end of the book. The name "Marella" means, "shining sea" which have many fans believing that she will manifest as a Hydrokinetic. Despite this, however, it is revealed in Nightfall that Marella is a Pyrokinetic. She uses this ability to assist the main keeper crew at various points of the book. She has kept this ability secret from many. However, her parents seem to be accepting of the ability.


In Nightfall it was revealed that Marella is a Pyrokinetic. This ability was triggered by Mr.Forkle.

Physical Appearance Edit

Marella is a very tiny elf with blonde hair that she braids into many small braids. Her clothes are always crumpled. When they first meet, Sophie thinks that she is very pretty.


Marella sat with Sophie at lunch in Sophie’s first year. They sat with the Drooly Boys. Sophie started hanging out with Biana and Marella felt unwanted. Thankfully she and Sophie made up and know Marella is in the Black Swan

Sophie and Marella sat with Jensi and the Drooly Boys at lunch in the first book.

Marella admits to have a crush on Fitz in book 1to Sophie

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