“Hey Dex! Your girlfriends are here, and that guy who's way cooler than you are!”

—Bex, in Book 5: Lodestar Lex, Bex, and Rex are the Dizznee Triplets and Dex's younger siblings.

Lex, Bex, and Rex Dizznee are all Level Ones at Foxfire in the second book of the series which is Exile. They are the subject of much controversy in the Elvin World as twins are rare and triplets are even more so. Rumours state that the triplets are a result of a bad match between Kesler (a talentless) and Juline. They are the niece and nephews of both Grady and Edaline Ruewen and Kesler’s brothers and sisters. Lex and Rex are both boys while Bex is a girl. The three of them enjoy teasing Dex, implying that he has a crush on Sophie, and love to embarrass him in front of others, like Fitz.

Lex, Bex, and Rex are troublemakers, and Dex says that they snuck into his closet and cut out the backsides to all his pants, and swung Lex off a chandelier using some ribbon.

Trivia Edit

Rex's stuffed animal is Harry the Jackalope.

They are the reason Juline joined the Black Swan.