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Lady Gisela is part of the Sencen family and is Keefe's mom, and Lord Cassius's wife.

Appearance Edit

Lady Gisela is described as very beautiful, with pale peach skin, and blonde hair. She has a red wound on her shoulder from when Keefe hit her with a Goblin throwing star after she attacked Sophie, Keefe, and Silveny in Exile.

Her name, Gisela, is a form of the name Giselle. This name means "hostage", or "pledge". This could refer to the fact that she pledged her allegiance to the Neverseen. Also, that she became a hostage to them.

Abilities Edit

Lady Gisela is a known polyglot and is very skilled at mimicking, teaching Keefe how to mimic as well.

Everblaze Edit

Lady Gisela is part of the secret (and evil) organization called the Neverseen. At first Keefe believed his father was part of this group. Later, he realized it was his mother when the Black Swan and the Neverseen fought on Mt. Everest.

Neverseen Edit

It is unknown exactly what happened to Lady Gisela after Everblaze but it is assumed she was tortured and maybe killed by the Ogres. During Neverseen, Keefe regains a memory that Lady Gisela erased about her involvement with a secret plan called the Lodestar Initiative.

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