Lady Galvin was Sophie's Level Two alchemy mentor. Lady Galvin is impatient and disagreeable, because she thinks her talents are being wasted, and she should have much more important work. She is said to have the highest failing rate of any mentor, because she hates her job. Marella says that she failed the prodigy she taught prior to Sophie on purpose. She is known for highly valuing her cape, and is extremely irritated when Sophie destroys it when she whips her serum instead of whaping (wash hands and presenting) it. When Lady Galvin makes the prodigies iron her capes in detention, she does not let Sophie anywhere near them. Though she seems to regret it, at Sophie's final tribunal in book one, Lady Gavin says that she will not pass Sophie in alchemy. Lady Galvin knows that this might result in Sophie being expelled.

Lady Galvin's Known Prodigies Edit

  • Sophie (failed)
  • Keefe

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