Lady Cadence Talle is the Beacon of the Silver Tower. She is a Polyglot as well as a Conjurer and tutors Sophie on the techniques of mimicking and developing a knowledge of each existing language. Lady Cadence Talle was promoted to the position of Master of the Silver Tower in Everblaze. She continued to tutor Sophie until the fourth book, Neverseen when Sophie went into hiding with the Black Swan.

In Lodestar, when King Dimitar was accused of wanting to make weapons in secret, he said he would grant Lady Cadence access to his cities whenever she wanted an assurance he would comply with the new treaty because she had worked with ogres in Ravagog before she was admitted as a Mentor at Foxfire. She is known to have an in-depth knowledge of the location and structure of the ogre capital as a result.

Abilities Edit

Polygot- As an experienced Polygot, Lady Cadence can translate all languages fluently and mimic uncannily.

Conjurer- As a Conjurer, she is able to summon objects from large distances with a snap of her fingers.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lady Cadence has raven black hair and midnight blue eyes, as mentioned in Exile.

Personality and Traits Edit

Lady Cadence was described in the second book as a bit pessimistic. Lady Cadence was very indignant after Sophie translated everything she said perfectly because she assumed something was wrong with Sophie's Polyglot abilities. This was due to her being called back from Ravagog to mentor Sophie. After, however, Lady Cadence slowly warmed up to her and even showed some concern when Sophie's hands were coated with aromark.

Relationships Edit

Sophie- Sophie is her student, studying how to become a full-fledged Polygot.

King Dimitar- King Dimitar was formerly her king when she lived in Ravagog, and even bestowed her with a Markchain: an object that grants permission for the guardian to enter and exit Ravagog as they please. Their relationship is somewhat rocky, but Lady Cadence remains the only elf besides, possibly Keefe he respects.