The Theory Edit

Many people think that some characters in Keeper of the Lost Cities are LGBTQ+.

Dex Edit

Many people think Dex is bisexual. This is shown through many instances and ships such as Detz.

Biana Edit

A majority of people headcanon Biana as bisexual, but a few people headcanon her as gay, dubbing her "Lesbiana".

Sophie Edit

Some people think Mysterious Miss Foster is asexual or greysexual.

Keefe Edit

Keefe is widely headcanoned to be pansexual (or in some cases, gay.)

Tam Edit

Tam is headcanoned as gay by many people. This is contradicted, however, since some people say he has a crush on Biana, though that has not been confirmed.

Linh Edit

Linh is headcanoned as asexual.

Fitz Edit

Fitz is widely headcanoned as queer, ranging from pan/poly/bisexual to transgender.

Wylie Edit

Wylie is headcanoned as a gay trans boy in many cases.