The Theory Edit

Many people think that some characters in Keeper of the Lost Cities are LGBTQ+. One theory is that in the same sense that the majority of humans’ sexualities are straight because there’s so many humans they could choose from, the elves are generally bisexual because there aren’t as many elves to choose from--Though marrying someone of the same sex would result in an instant bad match, as the matchmakers only pair boys with girls.

Dex Edit

Many people think Dex is bisexual. This is shown through many instances and ships such as Detz, (Though some people think that even though Dex doesn't hate Fitz anymore, he can't possibly like "Wonderboy" even if he stopped with the nickname.)

Biana Edit

A majority of people headcanon Biana as bisexual, but a few people headcanon her as gay, dubbing her "Lesbiana". Others pair her with Keefe (Keana) or Tam (Tiana).

Sophie Edit

Some people think Mysterious Miss Foster is asexual or greysexual, though it is not clear. Others think it is pretty clear that she likes Fitz and Keefe and Dex, and just prefers Fitz.

Keefe Edit

Keefe is widely headcanoned to be pansexual (or in some cases, gay.) Some people ship him with Sophie, thought (Keefoster, Sokeefe or Foster-Keefe) or Biana (Keana or Kiana) or Linh (Kenh).

Tam Edit

Tam is headcanoned as gay by many people. This is contradicted, however, since some people say he has a crush on Biana, because of his "Stealing a glance at Biana" in book four when Keefe says Tam is still not in the Foster-Fan-Club. Tam says it's okay and steals a glance at Biana. Some people think he looked at her for other reasons besides crush, though.

Linh Edit

Linh is headcanoned as asexual, though some people have theories about her liking Dex or Keefe (or, sometimes, Fitz).

Fitz Edit

Fitz is widely headcanoned as queer, ranging from pan/poly/bisexual to transgender. Others think that is impossible, and that he likes Sophie (Sophitz guess) or that he likes Linh (he can't stop looking at her when she plays with the water) and never shows any sign of liking Keefe or Dex or Tam at all.

Wylie Edit

Wylie is headcanoned as a gay trans boy in many cases. There isn't much to go on in the books, however, since we don't get to know any of his friends or the girls he knows. So he could be anything, though people's theories sprout everywhere.

Definitions Edit

Gay/Lesbian Edit

Gay means you are attracted to the same sex.

Bisexual Edit

Bisexual means you are attracted to more than one gender

Asexual Edit

Asexual means you are without sexual feelings.

Greysexual Edit

Greysexual means you are half Asexual.

Pansexual Edit

Pansexual means you are attracted to all genders.

Transgender Edit

Transgender means you changed your gender. E.g, if you were born a boy, and then if you changed to a girl, then you would be Trans.

Queer Edit

See Gay/lesbian.