Kesler Dizznee is the owner of an apothecary, Slurps and Burps, and an alchemist. He is renowned for his unorthodox elixirs and crazy brews, as well as his multicolored shop, designed in just a way to make nobles and high class people squirm when they enter. He is well known for his powerful potions and is considered to be one of the best alchemists around. Despite this, he is also looked down upon because he is Talentless, and is considered a bad match, since his wife, Juline, was gifted the Special Ability as a Froster. He is also the father of triplets, which is usually considered disgraceful in the Lost Cities.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kesler was one of the alchemists who worked on making the frissyn to put out the Everblaze  fire in Eternalia.
  • Kesler dislikes the Nobility as many of them are rude to him and his family due to his being a talentless.
  • Kesler has five siblings. He was the youngest child of his family, and the only one not to manifest a special ability.