These affiliates featured below are other sites and wikis that are all related to KotLC! They all revolve around the Keeper Series in different ways. There are wikis of all different genres out there to suit your style and taste. For example, if you're looking for a wiki about KotLC fanfictions, roleplay or a wiki about a certain ship. 

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The Official Keeper of the Lost Cities Wiki


More to Project Moonlark Wiki

Everyone has different opinions and thoughts about Keeper of the Lost Cities. Many think that Fitz is better than Keefe, Lylie is better than Litz, or vice-versa. This wiki is full of intense debates between users with strong opinions and fantastic ideas! Come to the More to Project Moonlark Wiki to have fun and tell everyone your wonderful ideas about Keeper in a safe, inclusive environment!


[Fun Fandom KotLC]
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If you like fun, this is the place for you! A good place to have a great time and enjoy the amazing world of Keeper with friends, no matter what strikes up your interest most, whether it be: fanart, fanfictions, or roleplay, there are plenty of amazing people like you here that can help you and have fun with you here on the wiki!

Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki

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Keefe Sencen. The one character nobody can ever fully understand, nor can they predict his next move. The Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki is the hub for all-things-Keefe, and for fans to discuss Keefe-related topics. Accepted contributions include Fanfictions, Art, Role-play, Debate, and Miscellaneous Information, as long as they all have to do with Keefe, the character we all know and love.

The Vacker Wiki
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You think you may know the Vackers. Popular, famous, a prestigious family - but there is something more behind that charade. This wiki delves deeper into the heart of the Vacker Family, trying to unearth its deepest secrets, and the thing we've heard Alvar mention - the Vacker Legacy

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Tam Song Fan Club Wiki

Do you love Tam Song? If you do, come join us on this wiki that is dedicated entirely to the shady and salty Tam Song! We have endless fun from fanfiction, fanart and OCs all about the Songs!