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Kam, or Teefe, is a friendship pairing between Keefe Sencen and Tam Song. Keefe and Tam first meet in Book 4: Neverseen, and start off as rivals. Tam demands to take a reading, and of the five, Keefe is the one to refuse a reading. Tam says "The only people who refuse readings are those with darkness to hide." and it pretty much goes from that.

Their rivalry continues from that till Book 6: Nightfall on page 151 quote: "'...I thought the fact that my mom had built something she called my 'legacy' meant that I was valuable enough to the Neverseen that they'd bring me in on all their plans and I could find a way to stop them. But it turns out I'm worthless.'

'No you're not.'

Surprisingly, the words came from Tam.

'Having a family like yours messes with your head,' he added, tugging at his bangs over his eyes. 'I know how that goes. You still made a bad call--or lots of bad calls, actually. But...if you don't do it again, we're cool."

This doesn't say that their little rivalry is over, but their "stronger feelings" seem to be decreasing.

Other Names Edit

  • Kam (K/eefe and T/am)
  • Teefe (K/eefe and T/am) *not as common as Kam*

Moments Edit

Book 4: Neverseen : Edit

Book 5: Lodestar : Edit

Book 6: Nightfall : Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both are incredibly rebellious.
  • Both happen to use hair as a rebellious act.
  • Both use a lot of hair products.
  • Both have family issues.
  • Both are elves.
  • Both are boys.
  • Both are described as extremely handsome.
  • They enjoy making fun of the situations others are in.
  • Both are very talented.
  • They are both friends with Sophie.
  • Both go to Foxfire.
  • Both hate their parents guts.
  • Both like to pull pranks.

Differences Edit

  • Tam is a Twin while Keefe is an only child.
  • Keefe is blond while Tam has dark hair.
  • Keefe is a Empath while Tam is a Shade.
  • Keefe's mother was in the Neverseen when Tam's is a Council supporter.
  • Tam has bangs whereas Keefe likes the "messed up" hair.
  • Tam has silvery blue eyes while Keefe has ice blue eyes.
  • Tam is really sarcastic whereas Keefe likes to crack jokes