Template:Infobox Jarella is the romantic/friendship pairing of Jensi and Marella. They, in a way, kind of show feelings toward each other. Whenever Sophie meets with her friends, they both always seem to be together. They are at least close friends.

They are both more minor characters and do not show up very frequently, but when they do, they often appear together.

Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Jensi and Marella Friends Biana & Jensi
Jensi and Marella Friends Marella & Fitz

Other Names Edit

  • Jarella (J/ensi and M/arella)
  • Mensi (M/arella and J/ensi)
  • Jenella (Jen/si and Mar/ella)
  • Marsi (Jen/si and Mar/ella

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities Book 1Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze Edit

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities: Edit

  • They are both Elves.
  • They both study at Foxfire.
  • They are both in their third year.
  • They both show some romantic interest in each other.
  • They both dislike Stina.
  • They both befriend Sophie on her first day.

Differences: Edit

  • Jensi has brown hair, while Marella has blond hair.
  • Marella has manifested, while Jensi has not