Havenfield is the Ruewen home and a place to rehabilitate animals. Grady, Edaline, and Sophie Foster live there and care for the animals. Havenfield overlooks the ocean sitting atop of some cliffs. On the property there is a set of caves that Sophie liked to study in with Dex (until she was abducted from there in Book 1). The first floor has a kitchen and a large entry way. The second floor has Grady and Edaline's room and offices, as well as Jolie's old room. Sophie's room takes up the third floor.


Verdi - Verdi is a dinosaur who will not become a vegetarian, she is a permanent resident.

Gildie - Gildie is a flareadon who was discovered in the first book. It is assumed that she is still at Havenfield.

Verminion - The verminion is a big purple hamster thing who lives at Havenfield and seems to hate Sophie.

Silveny - Silveny is an alicorn that was found by Sophie in Book 2: Exile. She stayed at Havenfield until she was transferred to the Sanctuary at the end of Exlie. Then she is released again.

Iggy - Iggy is Sophie's pet Imp. Sophie saved him from the verminion and adopted him. Dex changes his fur every book.

Sandor - Sandor is a goblin whos job is being Sophie's bodyguard.

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