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Havenfield is the Ruewen home and a place to rehabilitate animals. Grady, Edaline, and Sophie live there and care for the animals alongside the gnomes that reside there (known gnomes include Calla, now in panakes tree form, and Flori, Calla's niece). Jolie Ruewen was a former resident before she died from a fire at Brant's house. Havenfield overlooks the ocean sitting atop of some cliffs. On the property, there is a set of caves that Sophie liked to study in with Dex (until she was abducted from there in Book 1). The first floor has a kitchen and a large entryway. The second floor has Grady and Edaline's room and offices, as well as Jolie's old room. Sophie's room takes up the third floor. Calla's Panakes tree is also in Havenfield.

Residents Edit

Grady Ruewen - Grady was formerly an Emissary for the council. He is a mesmer and the husband of Edaline. He is the father of Jolie and adoptive father of Sophie. He is protective of Sophie, going as far as giving her the "boy talk" and keeping her away from Keefe, whom he thinks is a bad role model.

Edaline Ruewen - Edaline is the mother of Jolie and adoptive mother of Sophie. She is the wife of Grady. Edaline is a conjurer. Edaline is overprotective to Sophie after Jolie's death.

Jolie Lucine Ruewen (deceased) - Jolie is a conjurer. She is the adoptive older sister of Sophie and eldest daughter of Grady and Edaline. She is said to look a lot like Sophie. Her fiance, Brant, set a fire that eventually killed her, which shattered the lives of Grady and Edaline.

Sophie Elizabeth Foster - Sophie is the adoptive daughter Grady and Edaline. She is the main protagonist of the series. She is a telepath, enhancer, inflictor, and teleporter.

Non-Elvin ResidentsEdit

Verdi - Verdi is a dinosaur who refuses to become a vegetarian. Because of this, she is a permanent resident.

Gildie - Gildie is a Flareadon who was discovered in the first book. It is assumed that she is still at Havenfield.

Verminion - The Verminion is a big purple hamster thing (a.k.a hamsterzilla) who lives at Havenfield and seems to hate Sophie.

Silveny (formerly) - Silveny is an Alicorn  that was found by Sophie in Book 2: Exile. She stayed at Havenfield until she was transferred to the Sanctuary at the end of Exile. Then, she was released into the wild so that it would be harder for the Neverseen to find her and Greyfell.

Iggy - Iggy is Sophie's pet Imp. Sophie saved him from the verminion and adopted him. Dex changes his fur colour every book.

Sandor - Sandor is a goblin and his job is to protect Sophie.

Vertina - Vertina is a spectral mirror. She was a good friend of Jolie before she ( Jolie ) died.

Rooms Edit

  • Sophie's room has star-shaped crystals dangling from the ceiling on glittery cords, and blue and purple flowers weaved through the carpet, filling the room with their sweet scent. A giant canopy bed occupies the center of the room, and a huge closet and dressing area take up an entire wall. Bookshelves full of thick, brightly colored volumes fill the other walls. It also has a bathroom complete with a waterfall shower and bathtub the size of a swimming pool.
  • The Kitchen is like a normal kitchen with a stove, microwave, etc. But it has no cabinets or drawers anywhere. Edaline often bakes  Custard Bursts and other treats in here.
  • Edaline's office is called a Place Where Things Go To Die because there are a bunch of untouched stuff in there