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The Foster family is the human family that raised and took care of Sophie. They believed Sophie was their biological daughter and did not know that she was an Elf or a Telepath. They no longer remember Sophie however, because they had their memories wiped on Sophie's request. Sophie wanted them to forget her so they wouldn't have to live with the pain of believing their daughter died. The Elves had planned on faking Sophie's death so that she could come to live with them secretly but Sophie requested to Alden that they wipe their memories. After that, Sophie watches her family with her illegal Spyball, given to her by the Black Swan.


William David Foster (Connor Freeman) Edit

Sophie's dad, becomes Connor Freeman when the elves wash his memory.

Emma Iris Foster (Kate Freeman) Edit

Sophie's mom, becomes Kate Freeman when the elves wash her memory.

Amy Rose Foster (Natalie Freeman) Edit

Sophie's younger sister who liked to tease and annoy Sophie a lot. She has dark hair and green eyes, much like her parents and unlike Sophie. She is described as popular with below average grades, the polar opposite of Sophie when she lived with them. She becomes Natalie Freeman when the elves wash her memory. (SPOILERS) At the end of Lodestar, Sophie checks on her family because she believes the Neverseen have done something to them and finds her sister hiding. At the beginning of Nightfall, her sister learns all about elves and about Sophie's world.

Sophie Foster Edit

Sophie was born and raised by the Fosters. That is, until she turned 12. By this time, she was found by Fitz and had to leave her family and be with her own kind, the elves. Sophie is also the main protagonist of the Keeper books. She later becomes part of the Ruewen Family with Grady and Edaline Ruewen.

Marty Edit

Marty is the family's fluffy gray cat.

Winston Edit

Winston is the family's beagle dog.

Other Identities Edit

Mr. Foster, Mrs. Foster, and Amy become Connor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman when the Elves wash their memories of Sophie. Sophie can see them with a spyball

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