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Fintan was a part of the council until Pyrokinetics was banned and he could no longer use his Pyrokinesis. This ruling is what has caused a lot of his anger at the council. He, at one point, describes his disgust with the council for banning an ability. He is well known for Balefire and is the only elf to ignite Everblaze without dying. Fintan is one of the Ancients.


Fintan is handsome and has slender features and looks almost fragile-like. He has sky blue eyes and messy blond hair. Being an Ancient he has pointy ears.

Secrets and SpoilersEdit

In Exile the councilors sent Fintan to Exile and had Alden perform a memory break (with Sophie's help) on Fintan. Fintan ended up burning both Alden and Sophie and temporarily dragging Alden into madness before Sophie saved him. During the mind break, Sophie and Alden learned that Fintan had trained another pyrokinetic illegally. In Everblaze Sophie managed to uncover the identity of the other pyrokinetic, Brant. He never uncovered his talent as far as everyone knew and was considered talentless when truthfully, he was just hiding his illegal ability. Sophie attempted to heal Fintan's mind after the break and he retaliated starting Everblaze, killing himself, and Kenric, in the process as well as burning down parts of Eternalia. In Neverseen it was revealed that Fintan survived the fire in Oblivymere.

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