Exillium is a school for the "Unworthy", as referred to by the Lost Cities. It is designed for elvin children who have committed crimes or broken laws of the Lost Cities. Hence, they are banished.

Most attendees who grow up after their time in Exillium are either banished forever, or allowed to get a job in the Lost Cities. The attendees are referred to as Waywards, instead of Foxfire's prodigies. Exillium attendees are laughed at by some of the more 'stuffy' nobles. Waywards are not allowed to say their names or know other waywards' names. The location of Exillium changes every day, but is always in the Neutral Territories. Exillium focuses on skills, such as slowing their breath, night vision, regulation body temperature, suppressing hunger, levitation, blinking, and telekinesis.

The three instructors, called coaches are in charge of three separate groups of Exillium; red, blue, and purple. Each color corresponds to a hand, or hemisphere. Left is red, right is blue, and ambidextrous (called Ambi) is purple.

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This article contains plot details from the latest books.

Sophie Foster, along with her friends, go to Exillium in Book 4: Neverseen. Their uniform includes a silver-studded black half mask, steel-toed boots, fitted black pants, a black long-sleeved shirt, and a grey vest with silver buckles and chains across the front. Under the collar of the vest is a hood that cast's the wearers' face in shadow. They also wear pins that reflect the abilities of the elf.

The ability pins are as follows:

Hydrokinetic: Swirling waves with drops of rain

Shade: Silver with a black hand reaching from the center

Telepath: Blue with a silhouette of a face and a lightning bolt zapping across the brain

Inflictor: Black with a silver hand radiating jagged silver lines

Polyglot: Purple background with pink lips and a white speech bubble

Teleporter: A starry sky background with a flying alicorn

Technopath: Dark green with a silver handprint covered in black lines like circuits and wires

Empath: Red with an open book and a silver heart painted across the pages

Flasher(?): Yellow with two hands holding the sun

Guster(?): Tree with wind-whipped branches

Vanisher: Cloudy sky and a figure that is black on one half and squiggly rainbow colors on the other

Exillium is not well supplied by the Council. Minimal food is provided, and the mats and tents are worn out. The coaches are forced to use fear to keep the students in line. There are many students and only three coaches, so the coaches would be easily beaten if the students decided to rebel. The coaches use harsh methods of turning the waywards against each other. Sophie convinces Oralie to send more supplies for the Waywards, turning Exillium into a much better place. They gain more coaches, new tents and mats, and more food for lunch, and even breakfast. This results in the coaches being much nicer, and encouraging the students to work in groups and be friends. Eventually, the masks become optional and and everyone uses their real names.

Known Attendees Edit

  • Coach Rohana (instructor) - the coach of the Ambidextrous (purple) hemisphere. She has creamy brown skin and black hair that is straight and shiny. Rohana is Sophie's coach, and gives her information about Ruy Ignis
  • Coach Bora (instructor) - the coach of the right (blue) hemisphere
  • Coach Wilda (instructor) - the coach of the left (red) hemisphere
  • Sophie Foster (former)
  • Dex Diznee (former)
  • Keefe Sencen (former)
  • Fitz Vacker (former)
  • Biana Vacker (former)
  • Tam Song (former)
  • Linh Song (former)
  • Ruy Ignis (former)
  • Timkin Heks (former)

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