Eternalia is the capital of the Elvin cities, the human name for Eternalia is Shangri-La- a mythological place known as 'paradise' The buildings are tall and built with shining crystals that give them a beautiful sheen. It is a noble city, but people who are not a part of the nobility can go there. In Book Three, Everblaze, the city was practically destroyed by the raging flames. Even so, gnomes are rebuilding Eternalia to be bigger and better than ever. Eternalia is also where the councillors live in their castles In book 5, lodestar, Sophie and Fitz go there to get help from councillor oralie

Use in Scenes Edit

Eternalia is where Tribunals are usually held. Fitz shows Sophie Eternalia when they first meet, and it is noted that a Tribunal was taking place at the time.

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