Spoiler warning! This article contains plot details from the latest books.

Members Edit

Prentice - Prentice is a Telepath. He was a Keeper for the Black Swan until his mind was broken by Alden Vacker. Prentice has dark skin and shares the same blue eye color of his son. 

Cyrah (deceased) - Little is known about Wylie's mother except that she faded away shortly after Prentice's mind was broken. From the description of the tree at her grave it is known that she had red hair and purple-blue eyes.

Wylie - Wylie looks a lot like his father except with lighter skin and a slightly more pinched look. He is around 20 years old and in the elite levels at Foxfire. After his father was put in Exile and his mother died he was adopted and raised by Tiergan. In Lodestar, he gets kidnapped by the Neverseen and is tortured to reveal more information about his mothers death. He escapes and as of Book 5, he is recuperating in a Black Swan hideout.

Crest Edit

The Endal family crest is a orange circle with a gold sun that has wavy rays.

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