Elwin and Physic is the nonexistent relationship between Elwin and Physic. It was mentioned in Lodestar, that Elwin knows who Physic is, but does not realize it. Physic is currently married to Quinlin, so this ship is unlikely to become a reality.

Similarities: Edit

  • They are both physicians.
  • They both have healed members of the Black Swan.
  • They both have previously used products of Slurps and Burps.

Differences: Edit

  • Physic is an official member of the Black Swan, while Elwin is not.
  • Elwin has dark brown hair and a wide jaw while Physic has dark skin, full lips, and a softly rounded nose.
  • Physic has dual identities while Elwin is known so far to have only one.
  • Elwin works at Foxfire, while Livvy does not.

Pairing Names: Edit

Elsic (Elwin/Physic) Most Commonly Used

Phywin (Physic/Elwin)


Phin (Physic/Elwin)

Livin (Livvy/Elwin)