The Dizznee family lives at Rimeshire. They own a shop in Mysterium called Slurps and Burps. They have an ongoing grudge with the Vacker family, as Dexter Dizznee implies when he complains about Fitz hanging out with Sophie Foster. The family is popular in rude conversations, as they have triplets, highly uncommon in the Elvin world. They are commonly referred to as a bad match, a heavy insult.

Because Kesler and Juline were ruled a bad match from the council, Juline was afraid to have children in case they turned out inferior. Her worries were eased when Dex manifested as a technopath. In Lodestar Dex, Sophie, Fitx and Biana find out that Juline is Squall. Squall is a member of the collective and works with Mr. Forkle, and the other members of the collective. She has a talent of a froster.

Known Members Edit

Kesler Edit

  • The father
  • Talentless
  • The youngest of 6 children

Juline Edit

  • The mother

Dexter Dizznee Edit

  • The eldest child
  • Technopath

Bex, Rex, Lex Edit

  • Rex and Lex are the youngest boys and Bex is the only girl
  • They are the younger siblings of Dex
  • Triplets

Crest Edit

Dizznee crest

The Dizznee family crest is a tree, the tree made of different tools used in alchemy.

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