Deefe is the romantic/friendship pairing of Keefe Sencen and Dex Dizznee. In, a way, most understand that this can be ship. They have many interactions throughout all of the books. Both have a mutual bond and enjoy each other's company.


Status Rivals
Dex Dizznee & Keefe Sencen Friends Keefe and Sophie, Dex and Sophie, Keefe and Linh, Dex and Linh, Biana and Keefe, Biana and Dex, Keefe and Fitz, Dex and Fitz

Other Names Edit

  • Kex (K/eefe & D/ex)
  • Deefe (D/ex & K/eefe)

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze Edit

  • Dex grins at Keefe

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen Edit

  • Dex and Keefe team up to prank Fitz after Fitz and Sophie were training to be Cognates.
  • Later on, when Keefe leaves to join Neverseen it is shown that Dex is sad to not have Keefe there to barf over Fitzphie with him.

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